Image of That Voo Doo That You Doo Mug Retro Edition

That Voo Doo That You Doo Mug Retro Edition

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"There it was again. If I hadn’t been soothed by being hopelessly lost in the backwaters of the southern bayou, I would have sworn I was being stabbed by tiny needles. But the pin pricking wouldn’t stop and I had the find both the source of my infliction and it’s relief. Searching, I came across the answer in a single, chilled mug..."

Designed by House of Tabu/Ken Holewczynski and sculpted and produced by Portland’s Munktiki, our Voo Doo mug is fit for an original 1934 Zombie or any other of your favorite cocktails that elevate you to a trance-like state.

Classic gloss brown glaze on the outside, with a light blue inner glaze, That Voo Doo will make a zombie out of you.

Comes in a custom collector's box, with an original recipe card and bonus trinkets!

Limited run of 100.

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