Image of Exotica Moderne Issue 5 Special Edition!

Exotica Moderne Issue 5 Special Edition!


Kicking off our second year of publication, we're releasing a special edition of Exotica Moderne!

This issue offers a look at both the old and new takes on tiki as we feature Pittsburgh's Hidden Harbor. Their modernist twist on a tiki bar, cocktails and food has won them the community's praise, while staying true to the scene's rich history. On the flip side, Justin R. Cristaldi takes a look at New Jersey's Lun-Wah Restaurant, who has been "Carrying The Torch" for 45 years.

Tiki With Ray stops in at San Fransisco's Zombie Village while Darren Long fondly remembers Tennessee's now closed Omni Hut.

In time for fall drinks and indoor soirés, Tiki Lindy serves up some tasty recipes for fondue and cocktails.

Nicholas Diak gives us an in-depth interview with Will Penny and Nik Poliwko discussing their comic-meets-tiki opus Tiki Surf Witches Want Blood, while Angelica Navarro gives us a look at Dallas Tiki Week and William Flood offers a glimpse of The Hukilau.

Editor Jay Mize talks with Texas artist Flint and Jimmy Vargas interviews the amazing Miss Fluff.

Cover art is provided by the talented Tony Canepa, who could almost be considered one of Hidden Harbor's house artists.

And, we suppose you're wondering what this "special edition" tag means, aside from the great articles we have?

Each issue of Exotica Moderne 5 will come with a 2-page, full color paper craft model of LA's oldest tiki bar, The Tonga Hut! Now you can be the owner of your own tiki bar and what better bar to claim ownership of? It’s no secret we love going to Tonga Hut and we think everyone needs to visit this iconic tiki temple. So, if you can’t make it to North Hollywood, simply follow the directions to assemble your own version! Note: miniature drinks are not included.

All this plus our regular features!
Special Edition Price: $10

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